by Γιώργος Κόρδης

Popular songs. World going round an Inexplicable centre. One which is unable to take form and shape. Cities are a secret stage where souls are imprisoned and tortured. The dark and rotten sea holds ships hostage. She brings them in and then takes them out to the deep and unknown abyss. Hope is nonexistent in the dark skies. Movements are few and calculated. Bodies unfulfilled and broken by grief dance with unbearable and tragic anger. I was born to suffer and to be tortured... Digital Engravings. Grief adorned in black and white. The world – a neighborhood – a theatrical set with the vastness of an ecumenical tragedy. Faces like masks have been cut into the darkness by a calloused hand. The only thing that appears is what this sore and tender hand managed to scratch on the jail wall with a nail. Nails which are part of a cell door closed for eternity. What never-ending pathos is mine... These 15 works were made using a digital device in a manner comparable to engravings. The intent was not to imitate wood engravings or etchings but to have this unique art form take its place in the history of engraving techniques. Each work is an original. I refer to them as Digital Engravings so that their character, origin and appearance maybe understood. Digital engravings - what counts is the description of the secret movements of souls and not the technique. —George Kordis, 2015

Cover type: Portfolio
51 pages
Edition #1 published in 2015 by Έκδόσέις Άρμός.
ISBN: 978-960-527-909-7

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