Orthodox Psychotherapy

The Science of the Fathers

by Hierotheos Vlachos, Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Agios Vlassios


Orthodoxy is a therapeutic science. It heals sick human beings. This sickness becomes evident in the nous. The Church with its teaching, worship, ascesis and Sacraments Frees the nous and makes man a temple of the Holy Spirit. This therapeutic treatment has been applied and confirmed by all the saints. It is the only path which leads to God, I think that the loss of the Tradition is to be seen chiefly in the loss of the therapeutic method and of spiritual physicians. The way back to the Orthodox Tradition is essentially the way back to these two foundations.It is not advice or medicines that heal the sick soul, that give life to the dead nous, that purify the impure heart, but the ascetic method of the Church, self-control, love, prayer, and guarding of the nous from Satan's provocations through evil thoughts. Therefore the Orthodox tradition is very important for our time, for it is .the only thing that can free man and heal him from the anxiety and insecurity brought on by the death of his soul.

Cover type: Soft
353 pages
Edition #2 published in 2008 by Birth of the Theotokos Monastery.
ISBN: 978-618-5269-03-6

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