Multimedia Box Set
Passages Through Paradise
A wonderful record of a family pilgrimage to and through the mysteries of the Holy Mountain, the box set includes: a DVD in Greek, with subtitles in English, French, and German; a CD recording of the sounds of Mount Athos; and a companion photo album.

EVERY JOURNEY HAS ITS OWN SECRETS. Our pilgrimage on Mounth Athos, the Holy Mountain lasted for four years. In this major center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism men still try to do things in common.

The sounding boards and the bells, the voices of the monks chanting sweeten the soul of man. Divine music. Next to it Byzantine iconography. The most mystic period in the history of art. Manuel Panselinos, Theophanis Strelitzas or Bathas and a number of other great painters. Nature guileless and innocent. The garden of the only woman who is worshiped here. The Holy Virgin. At the Summit of Athos we realized how much this pilgrimage had changed us.  

We found ourselves in a place nurtured by benediction and blessing is never absent.

(from the album cover)

The complete box-set including 1 DVD, 1 CD & 1 Photo Album(approx. 100 pages) is $100 plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes.NB: The DVD-Video included with this Box set was created to work with PAL (mainly a European standard) video equipment.After some time we have come to realise that it will not work on all NTSC (the North American standard) DVD players,but has worked on most of them. We cannot gurantee compatibility. Thank you for your understanding.
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