Living the Tradition




Modern Orthodox Writers and Thinkers

Number I:
Pentzikis: Hereafter and herein

by Stylianos, Archbishop of Australia

Alexander Press, 2003
Paper bound, 51 pages
ISBN: 1-896800-03-3


Number II:
Fear Not: A spiritual journey of faith and freedom

by Fr. Cyrille Argenti

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I touch on all this to demonstrate that, at age 71, and after 39 years in the priesthood, I am still constantly discovering the meaning of this or that liturgical text. I am still becoming Orthodox. And this is the fundamental idea I wish to communicate, because I have the impression that becoming Orthodox takes a whole lifetime. The wealth and depth of the Christian faith is such that one can always advance in it. And Orthodox Tradition is so stunning that one can always discover more. Let us never think we know it all. We must continually discover the meaning of Scripture and the liturgy. I myself am constantly seeking and discovering. Christ said: Seek, you will find (Matt 7:7). Do not ever think: I am Orthodox and so-and-so is not. No, it is far beter to say: I am becoming Orthodox. I haven't finished becoming Orthodox and neither have you!. —Father Cyrille

Alexander Press, 2006
Paper bound, 314 pages
ISBN: 1-896800-56-4
US$25.00 / CDN$30.00


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